Vibrant Communities


Regional Governance

The Regional Governance Task Force has undergone a number of transformations over the past several years as it has focused on governance issues in the metropolitan area.

City of KCMO Financial Planning – The initial focus of the task force in 2006 was on Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO) city government finances. The work included hiring an outside expert to review KCMO budgets, develop a forecast model, and create a financial plan. Despite a slow start, this initiative made significant gains in 2012 and 2013, as the City staff, advised by a Civic Council expert strike force, developed a financial planning tool and a five-year financial plan for its General Fund. A City Charter amendment was approved in early 2014 to require that future budgets are prepared in line with the financial plan.

The Civic Council provided additional expertise at the request of Mayor Sly James to review best practices and traits of a high-performing public sector Human Resources Department. A Human Resources Task Force made a number of recommendations, all of which have been implemented or are in the process of being implemented by the City staff.

Regional Planning – The task force met in April 2014 with the goal of taking a broader regional view of the strategies and actions that would make the Kansas City metropolitan area a “magnet” for jobs, population, and positive quality of life activities in line with the Civic Council’s new Vibrant Community priority. Follow-up activities are focused on the regional public transportation system and how it can be strengthened in the future. The task force also will host a Transportation Futures Forum with the Kauffman Foundation in an effort to understand how transportation may change and how new technologies should be incorporated into transportation planning and development.