Research reports and public statements relating to the Civic Council's work in the community


Kansas City Innovation District Study

January 2019

Innovation districts are campuses that seek to bring together entrepreneurs, education institutions, students and corporations to spark unique collaborations that result in economic activity. Identified as a needed initiative by the KC Rising Ideas & Innovation Leadership Team, the Civic Council helped fund a study to assess the potential strengths, challenges and necessary next steps for a new innovation district in Kansas City. 

Talent-to-Industry Exchange (TIE)

The Talent-to-Industry Exchange (TIE) concept was introduced in 2016 as a KC Rising strategy to improve the labor supply in key industry sectors, growing the human capital necessary to attract and retain companies in the Kansas City region.  TIE reports provide an in-depth analysis of an industry's workforce needs.  
 - Skilled Trades
 TIE Report (January 2019)
 - KC Global Design TIE Report (May 2018)
 - Life Sciences TIE Report (February 2017)

Prosperity at a Crossroads

June 2014

This research study conducted by Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program and Mid America Regional Council (MARC) was the source material for the creation of KC Rising in 2015. The report’s conclusions were galvanizing: the Kansas City region was lagging behind its economic peers coming out of the Great Recession and successful communities were articulating plans to advance the economic drivers of traded sectors, innovation and human capital.

Kansas City Downtown Corridor Study [Sasaki Plan II]

June 2005

Following the first Sasaki Plan for downtown redevelopment in 2001, the Civic Council commissioned a second study focused on promoting the success of residential neighborhoods in greater downtown Kansas City.

Kansas City Downtown Corridor Study [Sasaki Plan]

May 2001

Known as “the Sasaki Plan,” this first downtown study commissioned by the Civic Council paved the way for the creation of the Power & Light entertainment district and the Sprint Center arena.

Civic Council Public Statements

Civic Council press release on staff appointments

January 2019

Civic Council/KC Chamber press release on early childhood ballot measure

December 2018

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