Leadership Development



The Kansas City Tomorrow (KCT) civic engagement program offers an opportunity and experience not available anywhere else in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

As a program of The Civic Council of Greater Kansas City, KCT is committed to developing an expanded business leadership cadre that is capable of addressing and solving challenges facing the greater Kansas City region. KCT is unique in that, within a nine-month framework, it combines:

  • A highly-selective recruiting process
  • The opportunity to learn from and interact with members of the Civic Council and many of Kansas City’s most successful business and civic leaders
  • A curriculum structured around the Kansas City region’s most pressing current issues, opportunities, and challenges
  • A compact program design that uses a scheduled monthly meeting to the maximum, and facilitates individual learning and continuous development between the monthly sessions
  • Proactive sessions that focus on issues analysis, decision making, and building effective community leadership skills
  • Multiple opportunities to develop or improve one’s own personal civic engagement
  • Access to multiple community resources and to personal guidance through the program’s skilled facilitators and Civic Council resources

This year’s program will be broadly based on the current business leadership priorities of the Civic Council.

Seeing parts of the community with a fresh perspective, recognizing the continuing importance of race relations and socio-economic diversity, understanding the crucial role of “social infrastructure” along with economic development, having a personal grasp of the meaning of “community,” “regional,” “leadership,” and “social responsibility” are all ingredients in the recipe for this year’s KCT program.

This is your chance – for more information contact Kansas City Tomorrow at kct@kcciviccouncil.org or call 816-983-2313 and seize this unique opportunity!

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