Kansas City Tomorrow Scholarship

The KCT experience is enriched when the classes are diverse. Diversity includes race, gender, economic position (profit or non-profit), entrepreneurs, small business owners and government executives.

To encourage diversity, a limited number of $2,500 scholarships are available each year. Scholarship recipients are expected to provide a one-to-one match with their personal or organizational resources to ensure a commitment to the program. The Civic Council subsidizes the remaining $1,500 of the $6,500 tuition as a demonstration of its commitment to diversity.

Scholarship applicants should include in their essays an additional paragraph(s) that explains why they are requesting a scholarship, including the circumstances preventing their organization from paying full tuition, what they hope to receive from participating in Kansas City Tomorrow, and what they can uniquely contribute to the class.

Scholarship applicants will be held to the same high admission standards as all other candidates.All scholarship requests and awards will be kept confidential.For more information, please contact Consuelo Ross, KCT Program Coordinator, at cross@kcciviccouncil.org.