The Civic Council engages in a variety of advocacy activities to advance its mission and vision. Advocacy is accomplished through staff and contract lobbyists, as well as in partnership with other like-minded organizations and groups in the metropolitan area and across the states of Kansas and Missouri.

The Civic Council contracts with James R. Moody, of Moody & Associates, and Sandra Braden, of Gaches Braden & Associates, to represent us on a daily basis in the Capitols in Jefferson City and Topeka, respectively. In addition, the Civic Council’s professional staff – Jewel Scott and Jerry Lonergan – are registered lobbyists in Kansas and Missouri and with the City of Kansas City, Missouri.

Although the Civic Council’s advocacy efforts in Jefferson City and Topeka often are more visible, the Civic Council also spends time educating and advocating at the local level in both Kansas and Missouri. It also lobbies our congressional delegation and its staff and other federal policy makers as needed.

The Civic Council focuses its advocacy on complex, long-term, quality of life and economic competitiveness issues in each state, and prefers to work on just a few issues at a time. Resources are committed not only to the actual lobbying of issues, but also to the research and development of policy positions. Staff may spend multiple legislative sessions educating and informing elected officials and policy makers about Civic Council strategic priorities before focusing on a specific bill. The Civic Council may also develop and nurture large, diverse, statewide coalitions of like-minded individuals, groups, and organizations who can collaborate on the actual advocacy.

The Civic Council recognizes that it cannot achieve its advocacy goals alone. In addition to participating in statewide coalitions, the Civic Council collaborates with other regional stakeholders and partners, including the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, to advance the civic agenda.

Civic Council 2018 Missouri Legislative Priorities
Civic Council 2018 Kansas Legislative Priorities